Monday, 30 January 2017


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Thanks to everyone who popped by
my stall on Saturday. Thanks for the
words of encouragement.

I've said goodbye to the following Damsels:

Labibah                                             Afeera

Aisha                                              Rasee


Friday, 27 January 2017

Message and a new damsel

Salaam & Peace!

The Little Damsels will be at the
MIA Park Bazaar
tomorrow (28.01.17)
12pm to 6pm

Here's one new Damsel named

Asadah SOLD
(meaning: Lioness)

Dangling skinny legs!

Sweet face!

She'll be for sale along with the others
tomorrow at my stall which will look something
like this

Sunday, 22 January 2017

List of available dolls (updated 12.02.17)

List of available damsels.

1.  Zafeera (SOLD)

2. Labiba SOLD

3. Sihaam SOLD

4. Farah SOLD

5. Badira SOLD

6. Samaa SOLD

7. Maisoon(SOLD)

8. Habiba SOLD

9. Hibba SOLD

10. Zeena (2) SOLD

11. Inas SOLD

Friday, 20 January 2017

MIA PARK BAZAAR 21.01.17 and 3 new dolls!


The Little Damsels will be at the
MIA Park Bazaar tomorrow

Saturday 21st Jan. 2017

Here are 3 new Damsels that will be
available tomorrow.

(meaning: life full of happiness)

 Hair made from roving.
Available SOLD

Zafeera (SOLD)
(meaning: always victorious)

 Hair made from roving.


Sweet looking doll in checkered dress.
Available (SOLD)

Friday, 13 January 2017

MIA Park Bazaar ( Saturday 14th Jan. 2017)

See you there!

4 new additions!

Salaam & Peace!

Four new additions to the Little Damsels collection.

A new Khaleeji Damsel named

(meaning: a type of gazelle)

 Look at her sneakers!!

Available SOLD

(meaning: little pearl)

 Cute details.

Sweet face.
 Available SOLD

(meaning: joy, happiness)

 A very elegant damsel.

Available SOLD

(meaning: alive, happily living)

In a gorgeous cape.

Available SOLD