Wednesday, 22 November 2017



Another Khaleeji Damsel
for you to fall in love with.

(meaning: white antelope)

 Embroidered henna.

with lots of



A new Khaleeji Damsel to add to the
Little Damsels collection.

Hope you like her!


 Little details make them special.

Friday, 17 November 2017

Goodbye Damsels!

Greetings everyone!

I had to say goodbye to the following Damsels yesterday.
I'm so happy they have found nice, new homes to go to.

So goodbye my lovelies

Kayla, Daya, Jawairiyyah,
Rayah, Manar, Randa,
Khadijah. Azza, Safiyyah,
Jannah, Madinah, Hibba
Liyanna, Tina, Sana,
Ayesha, Anisah and Thurayyah.

I can't quite believe how many Damsels
found new homes yesterday, but of course
I'm very grateful and happy that they have.

Right, off to make some more....
....hmm... wonder what I'll come up with next?

Shukran, thanks!


The Little Damsels and I had a lovely day at the
Torba Farmers Market yesterday. There was a really nice
atmosphere with people who grow their own, bake their own,
make their own and sell ethical, organic products that are good for you!
So thanks to those who took Damsels home and those who
left me with lovely comments. All this encouragement
makes me want to carry on sewing.

Here's what the stall looked like.

Really looking forward to participating again,
 Will let you know when that will be
via this blog. Also if you subscribe to this blog
you'll get updates in your email, so you'll never
miss any news and always see the new additions
before market day.

Wednesday, 15 November 2017

Torba Farmers Market!

Greetings everyone!

Happy to tell you the Little Damsels and I
will be at the new Torba Farmers Market
tomorrow (Thursday) at 9am to 4pm.

So come along and buy fresh locally grown, organic produce,
some artisan products and a few handmade items as well.

The market starts tomorrow until February 2018.
It'll be held every Thursday and Friday.

The Little Damsels however can only make it
every other Thursday.

Friday, 3 November 2017



Meet the latest addition to the
Little Damsel collection.


Gorgeous waves.

An upcycled bag.

Close up of details.

Felt shoes!